With one fifth of the European cell and gene therapy manufacturing capacity and a vibrant innovation pipeline, BSCB is a top European biotech hub. In this position, we care about daring the biotech community to innovate in a disruptive way and accelerate access to gene therapy. Therefore, we are on a mission to drive the gene therapy 3.0 revolution. Our spirit is to create the right environment to foster the emergence of bold ideas while placing safety and affordability at the heart of innovation. Our focus is to accelerate the path towards safer and more efficient gene therapeutics by the development of targeted gene delivery and gene editing approaches.


Local companies and research institutions are driving our gene therapy innovation ecosystem. Therefore, we have created in 2021 the Gene Therapy Gatherings concept where bonds and cross talks between Academia, therapeutics development start-ups and CMOs can be created. Founding stakeholders include

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Key initiatives

Biopark Launch of the Cell & Gene Therapy Accelerator, a dedicated seed acceleration program

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Biopark Industry sponsored translational gene therapy research chair within ULB

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